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Tommy Rautamäki, navigator which serves our Finnish-speaking groups.
He knows everything about hunting and fishing out in the archipelago.
Joakim Nygård , captain and owner of the company.
Joakim has great seamanship and local knowledge. He holds driver's license for rental boat required for passenger traffic.
Joakim has for a long time been active in voluntary sea rescue.

Maria Stenbacka , navigator and alltiallo - owner of company.

M & J LIllgrynnon_edited.jpg
Kim Lindholm, captain and navigator.  He holds a driver's license for a rental boat. Kim is active in voluntary sea rescue and has a burning interest in sea life. 
Tom Rautamäki, stand in navigator who serves our Finnish-speaking customers.
Tom has solid experience of sea life and is knowledgeable in
everything related to boats.

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