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Strömmingsbådan lighthouse is located on a small rocky island at the southern end of the Kvarken where only the lighthouse, lighthouse keeper's house and a few small buildings are located.


Here the herring fishermen lay out with their nets, hence the name. The 12-metre-tall iron lighthouselighthouse at Strömmingsbådan was built in 1885 and was manned until 1963.





Fäliskäret in the Rönnskär archipelago is a popular and
protected area excursion port for leisure boats.

Here is a beacon built in 1784, the oldest preserved sea mark along the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia. The station was closed in 1983.




Norrskär is home to Ostrobothnia's oldest lighthouse, which was
also the last manned lighthouse in Finland. The last   
lighthouse keeper left the island in 1987. The lighthouse is
33 m above sea level and can be seen up to 30 nautical
miles away.

Storskär with surrounding islets and cliffs is the largest in
Rönnskär's archipelago and has long been a
important fishing village.

The terrain within the whole area is rocky and barren but 
there are several orchids and other rare plants.

Here is a cemetery located which according to legend was built by Bishop Arvid Kurck whose ship ran aground here
in 1522.

There are several hiking trails on the island. Along the paths there are interesting ancient monuments.
Feel free to take a cooling dip in the Southern bay.

Molpehällorna is located in the world natural heritage and consists of a number of conjoined islands that specifically testify to the land uplift.

Molpehällorna has previously functioned as a sea guard station but it was closed down in  1991.

At Molpehällorna there is a 3 km. long  hiking trail and a reconstruction of Vippbåken which according to sources was built in 1668.  In the basket, a fire was lit which was raised to show the way for the boat drivers.

Naturestation Gåshällan is located on an island far out in the Närpes archipelago.

The island with its barren but colorful carving nature and with its rich plant and bird life, is a place you can easily take to heart.
At the northern end of the island there is a pilot's cabin which today serves as a support point for boaters and on the southern part there is
the maritime surveillance station which was closed down in 1968.


Join a speedtrip to the Molpe residents' own fishing village "Cowhill" or around "The Shit", which is the Petalax residents' pride.

For the ultimate experience, the destination is determined by the weather and wave height before each trip.


Join us on a trip to Klobbskat harbor with a visit
Kvarken Brewery.
Kvarken Brewery is a microbrewery that has been producing quality beer since 2017. All beers are linked to the world heritage and the labels have a local history of the beer's name.

The price includes a guided tour of the brewery, beer tasting and a great shrimp and salmon sandwich.

18 years old  age limit.

Is there anything more beautiful than a sunset on the high seas?
We set out to capture the sunset and the magical colors that

often come in handy.
Every night offers new views. Maybe something for the hobby photographer?

Please note that this tour is not a "speedboat" tour.

Weather reservation!

The only thing that can compete with a a beautiful
sunset is a sunrise!

We set out to capture the sunrise and the magical colors
that often come in handy.
Every morning offers new views. Maybe something for
the hobby photographer?

Please note that this tour is not a "speedboat" tour.

Start with weather reservation from Stormlyktan in Molpe.

Join us on a slightly longer trip to the Swedish side! After only a
couple of hours we are on the High Coast and nature changes dramatically. Here are picturesque fishing villages and steep
cliffs that plunge straight into the sea.

There is a lot to see and do on Ulvön. Why Ulvön is called
Norrlands Sandhamn is no mystery!


Is the  snuff running out, or does the partner want a shopping trip?

The smuggling trip to the "city of  birch"
is a perfect day trip that will make everyone happy. We  arrive at the guest pier right in the city center.
Coffee break with snacks on both the return trip is included in the price.

The tour operator is not responsible for the quantity
snuff taken on board.

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